Welcome To The BB Group

The BB Group is an international charity based in the UK. We build communities through socially mediated support (delivered via our own ‘Cosmo’ technology), connecting people in need with those who can help. We call this a ‘Cosmo Network’. We inspire social action and create long-term change on an individual and societal level.

Cosmo Networks are re-imagining the provision of advice, guidance, advocacy, micro-learning and counselling by taking emotional, practical, learning and social support for people in crisis or need into the online environment.

We are developing and evidencing a new and distinct approach to impact volunteering, mentoring and micro-teaching, alongside the provision of expert advice and guidance. We are mobilising thousands of volunteers and specialist experts to increase and enhance the outcomes achieved by public services, the voluntary and social sectors.

Discover how we do this.

Our Cosmo Networks


Mental health and wellbeing


Employability and getting back to work

Teach Me To

Micro-teaching and literacy



Family Services

Bringing family services online

Cancer Care Online

Taking cancer care online

Cosmo Networks

All of our communities are delivered via a Cosmo Network. Cosmo Networks provide solutions to specific social issues by creating unique configurations of help and support - and a simple, cost-effective and inclusive way of accessing them.

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